Nicoway Wholesale All-Natural Herbal Stop/ Quit Smoking Aid
Nicoway Stop Smoking Formula was designed to flush nicotine & other chemicals from the body & reduce cravings to help people quit smoking safely and naturally. With its unique proprietary blend, Nicoway offers you the best possible chance to finally kick the deadly smoking habit for good!

Each anti-smoking pill contains a potent concentrated of herbal extracts, formulated to rapidly cleansing the system of all smoking-related toxins. To break free from smoking, you need to break the body's dependency on nicotine. What makes Nicoway so amazing is that it cleanses and detoxifies the body of nicotine in a very short period of time. The faster you can eliminate nicotine from your body, the better your odds. Nicoway quickly reduces & eliminates your body's need for nicotine so your cravings and withdrawals are extremely short-lived.

Nicoway goes a step further to help you quit smoking. We have included ingredients that address the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, so their effects are manageable or hardly even noticed at all. Nicoway also promotes a feeling of well-being and provides energy so you can go on with your daily activities. You won't want to sit around and dwell on the negative. A positive outlook will insure your success.

Nicoway is the 4th generation formula designed over the last 13 years using our customer research, feedback and independent studies done within the industry. We have isolated the most effective ingredients and brought them all together into one comprehensive quit smoking remedy. To insure Nicoway is one of the finest formulas on the market, we use only pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural extracts.

Nicoway contains: Garcinia Cambogia Extract (55%), Gotu Kola Extract, Skullcap (4:1), Valerian Root Extract (4:1), Oregon Grape Extract (4:1), Goldenseal Root Extract, Licorice Root, Avena Satire (Green Oats), White Oak Bark, White Willow Bark.

Bottle Contains: 60 capsules

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