Wholesale & Private Label Natural Stop Smoking Supplements 

This section is dedicated to our top-selling herbal quit smoking formulas and daily multi-vitamin for smokers.

Millions of people try to quit smoking every week and the best pharmaceutical solution available is replacing one form of nicotine (cigarettes) with another form (gum or patch). This works for some people, but for most it isn't enough.

To be successful, you need to get the nicotine out of your system fast, stop or minimize cravings and elevate your mood. Our quit smoking aid (Nicoway) addresses all three issues in one comprehensive formula. We also manufacture a 2 day rapid nicotine flush.

For those who are concerned about the harmful effects of smoking, we also have a smoker's daily multi-vitamin supplement.

Quality Assurance: All of our stock natural formulas have gone through an evolution based on customer trials and feedback. We also research and investigate all clinical studies done on herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We prefer using ingredients backed by both long tradition and science.

To insure that all the natural supplements leaving our facility are the highest quality, we use only reputable, long established raw material suppliers that provide us pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural extracts. All products we supply strictly adhere to tough FDA, GMP and other state & federal guidelines.

Private Labeling: Our stock products can be supplied unlabeled, with our labels or with a private label .

Custom Formulas: You are not limited to our stock formulas. We can custom make any herbal formula you want based on a specific budget you have in mind or type of formula you want. We can change our formulas, use your formula, help you formulate one or clone/ copy something already on the market.  

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Nicoway Stop Smoking Supplement

Smoker Support Daily Multi- Vitamin

Wholesale Private Label Natural Stop, Quit Smoking Supplement

Nicoway is an all natural herbal supplement formulated to help people quit smoking by removing nicotine from the system, reducing withdrawal symptoms and elevating mood. You can use the Nicoway label or have your own private label made.

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Wholesale Private Label Smoker Support Daily Multi Vitamin Supplement

Smoker Support is a specialized multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement for smokers. Taken daily, it is designed to replenish lost nutrients and combat health concerns associated with smoking.

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Clean Slate Rapid Nicotine Flush


Wholesale Private Label Natural Nicotine Cleanse and Detoxification

Clean Slate 2 Day Nicotine is a rapid cleanse & detoxification. If you want to quickly flush  nicotine from your system, this fast acting 48 hour formula is your solution.

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We can supply any of our listed formulas with our in house labels or design a private label for your own brand. We are also a custom manufacturer. Bring us your formula, use one of ours, clone a popular product or have us come up with something new. We can make you whatever product you want .

All products we supply strictly adhere to tough FDA, GMP and other state & federal guidelines.

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