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This section is dedicated to our top-selling all- natural, herbal supplements for men. The #1 product we get quote requests for is a sexual enhancement pill for men or natural erectile dysfunction (ED) Treatment. We have been making and specializing in men's and women's aphrodisiacs since we started business in 1999.

Treatment for sexual dysfunction is a multi-billion dollar a year industry for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. By nature, men just don't want to go to a doctor. Let alone, talk about any sexual problems they might be having. They would much rather purchase a natural treatment online without a prescription.

We manufacture and private label male sex enhancement pills for many nationally recognized companies and brands. We also export these ED pills to countries all over the world. We have buyers in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. At any given time, we have dozens of male sex enhancement formulas in production.

Quality Assurance: All of our stock natural formulas have gone through an evolution based on customer trials and feedback. We also research and investigate all clinical studies done on herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We prefer using ingredients backed by both long tradition and science.

To insure that all the natural supplements leaving our facility are the highest quality, we use only reputable, long established raw material suppliers that provide us pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural extracts. All products we supply strictly adhere to tough FDA, GMP and other state & federal guidelines.

Private Labeling: Our stock products can be supplied unlabeled, with our labels or with a private label .

Custom Formulas: You are not limited to our stock formulas. We can custom make any herbal formula you want based on a specific budget you have in mind or type of formula you want. We can change our formulas, use your formula, help you formulate one or clone/ copy something already on the market.  

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RX-Virility Natural Aphrodisiac for ED

EndowRX Natural Male Enhancement

Wholesale Private Label Natural, Herbal Viagra

RX-Virility is our #1 selling wholesale sexual stimulant for men. If you are looking for a natural, OTC alternative to combat erectile dysfunction, this is the one for you.

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EndowRX Wholesale Private Label Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

Affordable, high quality OTC male enhancement & ED treatment pills. EndowRX contains horny goat weed. Which has been verified in scientific studies to increase rapid blood flow.

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Maximyzer Male Enlargement Pills

TenFold Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Maximyzer Wholesale Private Label Male Aphrodisiac Pills


Premium quality OTC male enhancement pills. Maximyzer is a custom private label product that we need to liquidate.

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TenFold Wholesale Private Label Male Sexual Stamina Pills

Natural, high quality, affordable OTC erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment. The secret to it's high success rate is the proprietary blend with the active ingredients long jack & cnidium monnieri.

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Erectil Testosterone Pill Supplement

GraviMax Penis Enlargement Pills

Erectil Wholesale Private Label Natural Male Enhancement

OTC herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction, low sperm count. low testosterone and sexual desire. The secret to it's high success rate is the proprietary blend which contains oyster meat and orchic substance. 

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Gravimax Wholesale Private Label Penis Enlargement Pills

Herbal supplement designed to increase penis size. The unique combination of niacin, gamma aminobutyric acid, xanthoparmelia scabrosa and 7 other natural ingredients makes GraviMax our #1 wholesale penis enlargement formula.

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SuperVira  Natural Male Virility Pills

ProstaQure Natural Prostate Pills

SuperVira Wholesale Private Label Male Enhancement Pills


SuperVira is a male virility product formulated to increase sexual desire and improve erectile function. It contains eurycoma longifolia (tongkat ali), epimedium grandiflorum and 12 other potent ingredients.

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ProstaQure Wholesale Private Label Prostate Support

ProstaQure is an all natural , saw palmetto based, herbal supplement intended to support prostate health. We only use pharmaceutical grade standardized 4:1 extracts to insure ProstaQure is potent and effective.

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Cobalt Men's Only Weight Loss Pills

GHR Human (Growth Hormone Releaser)

Cobalt Wholesale Private Label Weight Loss Formula for Men

Men gain weight differently than women and the way they lose it isn't the same either. That's why we formulated the specialized diet supplement known as Cobalt Triple Fuel. You can use the Cobalt brand label or private label it under your own name.

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Wholesale Private Label Natural Human Growth Hormone Releaser Supplement

GHR (Growth Hormone Releaser) is an all natural, OTC human growth hormone (HGH) supplement designed to treat the signs & symptoms associated with aging. Made with pharmaceutical grade exracts.

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We can supply any of our listed formulas with our in house labels or design a private label for your own brand. We are also a custom manufacturer. Bring us your formula, use one of ours, clone a popular product or have us come up with something new. We can make you whatever product you want .

All products we supply strictly adhere to tough FDA, GMP and other state & federal guidelines.

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