Private Labeling, Minimum Orders and Other Partnership Services

Private Labeling

Any of our in-house products can be supplied unlabeled or with our brand labels. We can also private label any supplement you want with your own brand. If you order 1000+ private label bottles, the label design is 100% FREE. We can design labels for orders under 1000 bottles, but design fees may apply. On average, a label costs $100.00 to design. That price includes 2-3 initial samples designs to choose from and 2-3 proofs/ edits after that.


Minimum Orders

The normal minimum order for a custom or private label product is (1000) 60ct bottles. This is because, to get the best prices on raw materials, we have minimum orders we also need to adhere to. Also, when it comes to labels, which we outsource to a high quality digital printer, anything under (1000) labels isn't worth printing because the costs are just to high. Our in stock products (with our labels or unlabeled) can be purchased by the dozen. You can even purchase one sample bottle.

"Piggy-Backing" an Order

However, in some cases, we can lower the minimum order. Unlike other suppliers, we can do what we like to call "piggy-backing". If everything lines up, we can add or attach your order onto another similar order that may be in process. Being able to do this can reduce a minimum order to (500) 60ct bottles or even (250) 60ct bottles

For example, if you want a custom joint formula containing Glucosamine, Chondrotin and MSM and we have another order scheduled with basically the same ingredients, we can order your raw materials and even mix, encapsulate and bottle the two orders at the same time. We just treat combined orders as if they were one large one and everyone benefits.

Since we get so many labels done with our printing company, we have a special agreement with them. We can combine any number of label designs and quantities, as long as they are the same dimensions, into one printing order and they will extend the price for the combined label count. For example, to get (500) 2X6 labels printed would normally cost $1.25 per label, but the (3,000) 2X6 price is only .40 per label. In this situation, we would bring together six buyers that want (500) 2X6 labels so everyone can get their label printed for .40 and NOT $1.25. We are unique in doing this. Other manufacturers and wholesalers won't go through this effort to reduce their minimum orders. The only potential drawback is that a buyer may need to wait a little longer until an opportunity to "piggy back" their order to another order comes up.

FREE Product Pictures

We have an art dept. that we can use to not only design your FREE private label, but take pictures of the final product that can be used for a website or printed literature. This service is complimentary with any custom, private label order.

IT Support

We also have an IT dept. that is more than happy to help our buyers succeed and sell more product so we get repeat orders. They can make suggestions and try and answer questions about website design, search engine optimization, merchant accounts and shopping cart integration.

Product Quote

Right now our IT dept. is re-designing the product request/ quote form. Please email us direct with your project details and a representative will get back to you right away. In most cases, the same day.
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We can supply any of our listed formulas with our in house labels or design a private label for your own brand. We are also a custom manufacturer. Bring us your formula, use one of ours, clone a popular product or have us come up with something new. We can make you whatever product you want .

All products we supply strictly adhere to tough FDA, GMP and other state & federal guidelines.

- Low Minimums

- Fast Turnaround

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